Panhard Armored vehicle:







Essential modifications were done on all kinds of Panhard vehicle (AML – 90, AML – 60, APC). Modifications include its major parts, such as:

•Engine (with Turbine charger)




75/102 kw/hp


196 Nm




four cylinders on line

• Steering system:

Hydraulic assisted system

• Brake system:

Air assisted system

• Clutch :

Hydro mechanic

• Electrical system:

Completely new components, harnesses, dashboard and control box


The hull is modified in accordance with the new engine & colling system as well as batteries which were shifted out


Steering system

The original manual steering has been upgraded to be power assisted


Power Pack

The Vehicle is powered with diesel engine combined with cooling system and other system in a power pack fitled to a sliding frame.



The hull is modified to comply with the new power pack. It has been designed in a way to ease the maintenance process. The time required to remove the power pack is 20 minutes.


Eletrical System

The vehicle electrical system has been changed.The changes included control box,deshboard,harnesses etc...



To give more space to the driver and to ease maintenance process, the batteries have been shifted out side in a special armored compartment fitted to the side of hull.


Brake system

The brake system has been modified by replacing main components and adding a vacuum system



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